B.o.B.’s Games


 Season One

The first season of B.o.B.’s Games consist of three different games: Lord of the Rings Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Superfight.  The totals from each game played will be added up and the winner is whoever has the highest cumulative score.  Each type of game will have a certain numbers of games or rounds that will be played, and will have the same four contestants.  They will play a game once a week starting the first day of June until all games are played.  The games are awarded points: 100-first, 75-second, 50-third, 25-fourth.




Lord of the Rings Monopoly

There will be a total of 10 games played of Lord of the Rings Monopoly.  Each game will be played using the special rule where you place the one ring on Bag End and everytime a player rolls the Eye of Sauron, the one ring moves to the next Middle-Earth territory.  When the one ring lands on Mount Doom the game is over.  The player rolling the dice doesn’t finish their turn.  If you land on a territory with the one ring on it, you get it for free if it’s unclaimed or you pay double rent if it’s claimed.  The one with the most power wins the game.  So far we are 9 games into the season.MG9.png



There will be a total of 6 games of Yahtzee.  It will be played with no special/house rules.   All 6 games of the season.  Winner: Doug!!!YG6.png


There will be three rounds of Superfight in which each contestant will have a chance to go.  The first round will just be characters and attributes.  Round 2 will add locations and Round 3 will  add scenarios to the locations.  The contestants will be using the Lootcrate deck.  The order for round 1 is: Doug v B.o.B., W v Jesse, W v Sally.  All 3 rounds of the season. Winner: Sally!!!SFR3.png