Video Games as Incentives

I think video games are great with a lot of variety. They’re fun, relaxing, entertaining, educational, exhausting, and more. Sometimes I use them as incentives to get things done. There are many different things that playing time can be used as a reward.

One thing is school. School includes three different areas: homework, projects, studying. With homework it is easy to divide it up with playing time in-between. Depending on how much homework I have depends on how I divide it up. Sometimes I base it on courses. I’ll put 30 minutes of game time between completing homework for the courses. If I don’t have a lot of homework, then I use it as incentive to completely get it done before having game time. I use game time as a break from studying. I get all my studying done, play a bit of a game, and then see how much of the material I remember. With projects, I add game time after completion of each part of the project. I also use that with non school related projects as well.

Another thing that I use game time as incentive are chores. I complete one chore and get to play some games. Depending on how many chores depends on the length of game time. It also depends on if the chores are all housebound or if I have errand chores. Usually I clump the errand chores into one block if I’m able and then once I get home and unload the car, it’s game time.

Using game time to break up exercise is also something I find nice. It gives me a breather. I usually use my portables for that. More recently I’ve been able to incorporate gaming and exercise into one activity thanks to newer technologies. I tend to split it between the Wii Fit and the Kinect. Eventually I will have a stationary bike in the same room that I play games and therefore can use that as I play whatever game I’m in the mood for.

Those are the main things that I use video games as incentives to get things done. There are a few others. What would you use game time as an incentive or reward for?


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