In the summer I like to eat a lot of snack type foods: fries, nuggets, corndogs, etc. I use to cook them in a deep fryer, but this summer we bought an airfryer. I haven’t experimented with the airfryer as much as I have wanted to this summer, but I have tested a few things.

The thing that I cook the most is frozen french fries. I tend to eat a lot of fries. After the second batch of fries I got the temperature and timing down. There is no oil used and the fries comes out crispy (I like crispy fires, V prefers soft fries). I have also gotten the settings down for corn dogs and chicken fries. I’m still working on what settings to use with fish sticks and bacon seems to be random. I think the main issue with the bacon is that the settings seem to be dependent on how many pieces are cooking. So far frozen foods have worked, but we have had some issues with fresh foods.

The airfryer itself is very easy to use. You just set the temperature and time that you want and hit the power button. When it is done, it beeps 5 times. Some food you need to shake or flip halfway through. I just set the time for the whole time and then go back halfway through to shake/flip. The airfryer remembers the settings and picks up the timer where it left off. V likes to set the time for half, shake/flip, and then set it for the rest of the time.

So far I have been really happy with the airfryer. The food tastes like it’s been fried, but without the oil. There is less mess and the cleanup is really easy(we put foil on the bottom to make it easier).


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  1. Cody says:

    Crispy fries are the best. Crispy fries without oil sounds perfect.


    1. Crispy fries without oil is really awesome.-H


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