Hellgate London-Minigame

Since the move I have been mostly playing Hellgate London. Yes it was one of the games mentioned in the Unsupported Games post, but I really do enjoy this game. A small part of this game is the minigame. The minigame is located in the bottom right next to the power sphere (Figure 1). The main thing I like about the minigame is that it’s just always there. You don’t have to stop playing the game to complete it.

The minigame is composed of three symbols. The three symbols can be a combination of sixteen different objectives. Within those symbols is a number which represent how much of that objective is needed. The sixteen objectives are in four categories: damage type, creature type, item type, and other. Damage type consists of the five different types of damage, physical, fire, electric, spectral, and toxic, that you can inflect. Creature type refers to the different category of creatures which are beast, necro, demon, and spectral, that you can encounter. The same goes with loot type which consists of mods, guns, swords, and armor. There are only two in the other category and those are turn in quest and critical hits.

When you complete one of the objectives it fills in with color (Figure 2) and once all three are completed loot will drop and you get three new objectives (Figure 3). You can complete the minigame multiple times throughout a play session.  Typically the loot that drops gets better the more minigames that are completed. It does not carry over to the next play session, so each time you sign in is a fresh start. Most often three pieces of loot will drop upon completion, but there have been a few times (very few) that it was a different number including once where only one item dropped.

I just think it adds a nice little something extra to the game and in a way that does not interfere with game play. Everything is something that you would typically do (granted you may have to change weapons for the damage type) and you essentially get free loot. YouTube video:  Hellgate London: Minigame


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