Gaming and Packing

V and I are moving soon, so we have started packing up things. That includes some of my games and systems. The games were some of the first to be packed, though I do still have some unpacked. I had to decide which systems to go ahead and pack and which ones to keep out. Currently the only systems not packed are my PS4 and my PS3 (the PS3 will be packed today) along with some games. I also haven’t packed my laptop, so I do have access to my digital PC games.

It was hard to decide which ones to pack and ultimately I choose the PS4 to be the last to be packed due to the games I have. I figured between Skyrim, Fallout 4, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Diablo 3 I was set for entertainment without missing my other systems too much until the move was completed. Truthfully I would probably be set with just one of those games unpacked.

Which systems would you pack first, or do you pack all systems last, when moving? Is there one that will stay unpacked until the day of the move?


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