The Tribulations of Moving


H, Bob, and I have decided to move into a house instead of staying here in our apartment for various reasons that are much too boring to explain here. Moving sounded fun six months ago but now that we have six weeks in which to locate a house, pack, and get moving, it is becoming a little stressful. It is almost a full time job to research, make lists, make phone calls, and go look at houses. Then of course we have to pack and schedule movers.


I am resentful of the changes (self-imposed, I admit) moving has made to my life. I seem to have put all of the fun things on hold until I get moved. I am taking an herbal class online but I keep delaying my lessons until I get moved. I received my new spice club recipe yesterday but I am not going to cook that yummy looking Mongolian Beef  until I get moved into a new kitchen…………. and on and on.


When I do finally get moved I am not going to be able to find all of the parts to my computer to finish my class and I won’t be able to find the new recipe. Also I will be so darn tired from moving and unpacking I will probably want to order pizza every night and go to bed at 8:00 pm!


Maybe I will spend a little time this weekend coming up with ways to make this moving business more fun.



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