PlayStation VR

I have finally bought the Playstation VR and so far I have been enjoying it.  I bought the starter pack for it so I got Playstation VR Worlds which has a variety of games in it.  There are 5 games: Danger Ball, Ocean Descent, Scavengers Odyssey, The London Heist, and VR Luge. Here’s a quick video of the PSVR Worlds Opening.

I’ve not done too much of The London Heist and Scavengers Odyssey yet, but the little I’ve played of them I have enjoyed.  I’m not a fan of VR Luge.  I do enjoy Danger Ball a lot.  Ocean Descent is very calming for the most part.  There is one play mode that has a little excitement in it, but overall very calming.  Not only are the games interactive, but the select screen is interactive.  There are different ball like items when you are scrolling through the five games.  For example, when Danger Ball is in front of you, you can hit the ball with the controller and it bounces all over the building that is the selection screen.  I think they did a good job of giving a selection to try out the PSVR on.

I also wanted to see how the PSVR headset would work with non VR games and apps.  I first tried it with Diablo III Reaper of Souls, and I really enjoyed playing the game using the PSVR headset.  The app I used the PSVR headset on was Playstation Vue.  I watched some of a hockey game that I had saved because I was in class when it aired.  It enhanced the watching experience other than just watching it on my tv.

The last test I tried in the beginning days of owning PSVR was the difference between when I was wearing glasses and when I was wearing contacts.  The PSVR headset fit comfortably over glasses.  While I will probably use it with my contacts, I had no problems spending the same amount of time playing in glasses.

So far I have really enjoyed the PSVR and can’t wait to get more games and apps for it. I’m really interested to see where VR overall goes in the future.


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