Sherlock’s Pub

When I go out to drink, I prefer pubs over bars.  Pubs are more conductive to talking and the food is typically better than most bars.  I also prefer the atmosphere in pubs as opposed to the typical bar atmosphere.  I currently haven’t found my pub yet, so I’m trying different ones.  This past Friday V and I went to Sherlock’s Pub to try it out.

First off I liked the layout of the pub.  The booths and tables weren’t too close to one another and there was a sense of privacy.  The atmosphere was relaxed and cozy and the staff was friendly.  The decorations went well with the Sherlock theme without being too overboard.  They also had a good sized menu with several different things that V and I would want to try.

We started off with some chips and salsa/queso dip.  The chips were good and V said the salsa and queso were ok (I don’t eat dips).  V got the fish and chips and I went with a Watson theme.  My drink was Dr. Watson’s Punch and my dish was Watson’s Chicken Strips. The fries were ok and the chicken was moist and tender.  V said the fish was good.  I’m not a fan of beer batter and that was there only negative, but I knew they were beer batter to begin with.  As far as my drink, it was good, a bit too much orange juice for me.  We also got dessert, Harp brownie with vanilla bean ice cream on top.  It was infused with Harp lager and you could taste the lager in the brownie.

Over all I would say that Sherlock’s Pub passed my initial test of what I look for in pubs.  I definitely will go back to try some of the other drinks and dishes.  It easily could be a fun place to hang out with friends if we want to go out instead of staying in.


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