Sims 3

I finally ended up playing a Sims game besides the original Sim City.  I saw Sims 3 and two expansions packs on sale and figured “why not?”.  Here’s my observations so far.

First there is a really long loading time.  I’m not sure if it’s just slow or if it’s my pc though I’m leaning towards it being slow due to other games loading times.  I really was not expecting that, but I quickly learned to start up the game and then go do something else (like unload the dishwasher or put my laundry up) while waiting.

I did enjoy the character creation. I like picking the different outfits to different social situations and then changing the colors.  Even in games without an extension character creator, I tend to take a while on my characters since I go through all the options available including switching sexes.  As well as outfits, you get to choose five traits and a lifetime goal.  I think the traits were tougher to pick than the lifetime goal.

As far as playing the actual game, I did find that it becomes repetitive fairly quickly.  I can also see why people tend to spend a good chunk of time playing Sims games.  Even though it was repetitive, I passed through five hours of playing it without realizing that it had been that long.  It’s easy to play, though I do wish that the character’s pay monthly bills alert was more noticeable.        

Overall if you have time to kill or just like simulations, Sims is a good game. I can see not playing for a bit and being able to pick right back where you left of.  It’s fun if repetitive and not difficult.


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