Mass Effect Andromeda: First Impressions

I am a big Mass Effect fan, so when they announced Mass Effect Andromeda I was super excited.  Leading up to the release the only video I watched about Andromeda was the first trailer.  I didn’t want any spoilers or to hype myself up more than I already was.  Since it has come out, I have not been able to play it as much I as would like due to school and work, but I have played some and thought I would share my impressions thus far.

Starting off with the character creator, I didn’t really like any of the presets, but they were an ok starting point.  Once I started doing the minor changes the looks of my Ryder was more pleasing.  I liked that I got to design both of the Ryder twins.  I’ll admit that character creation in any game I play tends to take up a good chunk of my time.  After getting my Ryders like I wanted them, I moved on to the training options of my main Ryder.  I chose to start off as male since in the Mass Effect trilogy, I first played through as female.  I also chose to start off with the Leadership training options due to the drain shields to recharge my own. 

Once into the game I haven’t encountered any of the issues that I had heard about (I really tried not to watch/read/hear anything about Andromeda before playing).  The gameplay has been smooth and the story is interesting.  I like that the dialogue choices aren’t paragon, neutral, or renegade based anymore and that there are more options in which to respond.  It did take me a little bit to get the hang of the controls, but not an abnormal amount of time for any new game.

Overall I have really enjoyed the little bit I’ve had time to play and not really understanding why there seem to be a lot of bad reviews.  I do understand that not everyone likes the same game, but I think that if you enjoyed the Mass Effect Trilogy, you’ll enjoy this.  Once I play more into the game, I’ll write a review of the game.

Did you get Andromeda and if so what do think of it so far?


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