Gaming on the Go

This past week I took a trip to visit my dad, and that started me thinking about portable gaming. One item that I always pack for a trip is my PS Vita.  It’s part of my checklist: Clothes, Toothbrush, PS Vita, and etcetera. On longer trips, I may take my PSP or DS as well. In fact I tend to take my PS Vita with me just about any time I go somewhere, not just a trip, in case there is some waiting time.

The length of the trip/wait time determines which game I end up playing. If it’s a short wait time, I tend to play Minecraft on the PS Vita or Picross on the DS. Both games are great for short waits since you can jump in and out of them quickly. If it’s a longer ride (mainly when I am on the bus) I can play one of my other games like Final Fantasy X/X-2 or Legend of Zelda that may take a little time to quit.

It’s not just for the traveling that I take my portable devices. It’s easier to have one of them instead of my laptop or console when staying in hotels or with family. They are small, don’t take up much room, and easier to carry (hence the term portable). That way during downtime on the trips, I have another option besides watching TV or reading to past the time.

Do you have any portable devices that you take with you when you leave the house?


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