Good Soup

Sometimes you don’t feel well and you’re just whiny and needy. Do you feel like boiling chicken and vegetables?  Do you feel like straining out the vegetables, de-boning the chicken?  Do you want to wait for simmering to take place? Well I didn’t, so I had a weak moment in the grocery store (okay, this weakness in the grocery store is not really unusual) and grabbed a couple of cans of soup. I took them home and promised myself I would not look at the ingredient list. I would just open the can, cook the soup, and eat it while sitting in my favorite chair with my pajamas and slippers on.

Guess what? It was delicious and I only had one pan, one bowl, one spoon, and one knife to wash and put away. It took about five minutes to prepare this soup and I didn’t have to make any decisions about leftovers. Should I share, put in the freezer, eat it every day for ten days straight?

I cooked cream of potato soup and added some cheese and green onion. I had a leftover biscuit from breakfast and just tossed it on top of the soup. It was one of the best bowls of soup I have ever had. I felt so much better after I ate this soup. I ate soups like this during my childhood and I turned out relatively okay. I think this was a reminder for me to stop being a food snob. There are some quick and easy meals that can be prepared and enjoyed without spending a lot of time shopping, cooking, and cleaning.  I’m going to go find some more of those meals.


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