Weapons of the Dark Cloud Universe

I’ve recently been going through the different word documents and putting them into excel documents for Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 to make it easier to add them to the Dark Cloud access database I’m working one.  One of the first documents I worked on for both games is the weapon documents.  Each game has a good number of weapons, Dark Cloud with 103 and Dark Cloud 2 with 102 (unless you count Speda clubs, then it’s 108).

We’re going to start with the breakdown of weapon in Dark Cloud.  There are 6 different playable characters each with their own type of weapon they can use.  Toan (main) uses swords, Xiao uses slingshots, Goro uses mallets, Ruby uses magic rings, Ungaga uses staves, and Osmond uses guns.  Of the 103 weapons there are 40 swords, 14 slingshots, 14 mallets, 13 magic rings, 12 staves, and 10 guns.  This does have some logic that with Toan being the main and first character you play that swords would outnumber other weapons, but it more than doubles the closest weapon in numbers.

In Dark Cloud 2 there are only 2 playable characters, Maximilian (Max) and Monica.  Each character has a right hand weapon and left hand weapon as well as something that they can ride/transform into.  I did not include the weapons that the Ridopod (Max) uses or the monster transformation (Monica).  I just focused on counting the right hand and left hand weapons.  Max uses wrenches/hammers and guns while Monica uses swords and magic brassards/bangles.  Max can also wield Speda clubs once the mini-golf like game unlocks, there are 6 of them.  The 102 weapons are divided up by 48 swords, 19 magic brassards/bangles, 19 guns, and 16 wrenches/hammers.  Again swords more than double the next closest weapon.

Some weapons from Dark Cloud made it into Dark Cloud 2, though part of the name may have been changed like Serpent Sword in Dark Cloud is Serpent Slicer in Dark Cloud 2.  Starting with the swords, 31 of the 40 Dark Cloud swords made it into Dark Cloud 2.  Of the remaining 9, 3 of them are fish swords which were replaced with 3 new fish swords.  When it comes to the magic rings, all but 2 of them are in Dark Cloud 2 as brassards/bangles.  One slingshot (Angel Shooter) made it into Dark Cloud 2 as one of Monica’s magic weapons.  Only 3 guns and 3 mallets (hammers) made it in Dark Cloud 2 and no staves were included.  There is one other slingshot in Dark Cloud 2, Steve the slingshot became Steve the Ridopod.

On an ending note about the weapons, namely the swords, there is a sword in both games called Dark Cloud.  Dark Cloud is not the max/final sword of either game.  In Dark Cloud the max/final sword is Chronicle 2 (which is in Dark Cloud 2) and Dark Cloud 2’s max/final sword is Island King.  I just find it interesting that the sword that shares the game title isn’t the max/final sword.


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