Skyrim: Some of my Choices

So I finally got Skyrim, first from my brother for the PS3 and then the PS4 Special Edition, and I knew I would have to make some choices on my character.  The first two choices are usually race and class.   I also play a Khajiit as my first playthrough, so that was one less choice.  One of these is usually decided after race and that is what class to play.  This usually takes me a while to make since I tend to make a custom class due to my play style.  In Skyrim though, there really aren’t any classes, just perks that you choose to invest in as you level.  I really do like this over having classes to choose from. There are many different choices that Elder Scrolls, and Skyrim, tend to offer besides race and class.

Ok now that the two most basic choices are out of the way, I’ll talk about two choices that I’ve put some thought into.  Those choices are Imperial or Stormcloak, and werewolf, vampire or neither.

Skyrim is in the middle of a civil war between the Stormcloaks and the Empire (Imperials) at the start of the game.  Throughout the game you can choose to pick a side or just ignore both and not pick.  You miss out on some quests if you don’t pick a side though.  The Imperials wants to keep Skyrim as part of the empire and the Stormcloaks want Skyrim to be free of the empire.  I tend to side with the Imperials over the Stormcloaks for a few reasons. 

One is that I find it really stupid of the Stormcloaks to be starting a war when you have a bigger threat in the Thalmor just waiting for an opportune time to strike.  The civil war weakens both the Empire and Skyrim and will make it easy for the Thalmor to come in and take over.  Two is Ulfric himself.  He’s the leader of the Stormcloak and his actions are questionable to begin with and even more so as you get into the lore of the game.  The biggest reason though is with how racist most, if not all, of the Stormcloaks I’ve come across.  They are pretty much pro-Nord and anti-everyone else.

The second of the three options I come in contact with is werewolf, vampire, or neither.  I tend to go the route of werewolf.  I find it quite amusing to go from a cat to a wolf.  Both werewolf and vampire have their pros and cons.  Truthfully I can see why people would pick either of them, but for me the werewolf just works better.  Granted the main reason is the 100% resist against disease.  The vampire cons are just annoying to me, but I will say that Dawnguard did make being a vampire more appealing.

The choices I make are based on personal preference more than anything and I will have a character that will side with the Stormcloaks (a Nord probably) and a character that becomes a vampire (mainly due to Dawnguard making it tolerable to me).  What choices did you make for you character?  Do you have multiple playthroughs to be able to do each option?


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