Thankful for Brussel Sprouts

We had a very quiet and peaceful Thanksgiving and I hope you did too. We cooked our favorite foods and just enjoyed the day. There are so many things in this world to be thankful for.

While buying our Thanksgiving groceries I saw a stalk of fresh brussel sprouts at Trader Joe’s and couldn’t resist buying one. I have never before seen or cooked such fresh brussel sprouts. It was a little awkward walking home with this big stalk sticking out of my grocery bag but they were worth it. I just broke them off, washed them, and then cut the larger ones in half. My favorite way to cook them is to roast them with garlic and sometimes bacon. I added a little balsamic vinegar this year and while they were delicious, I think I prefer them with a little garlic, salt, and bacon.

I tried something new with my cranberry sauce too and really liked it. I will definitely cook it again. I usually just follow the recipe on the back of the bag of cranberries. I cook them in a pot with a little water and sugar, but this year I added a splash of red wine and tsp of rosemary. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Did you try any new recipes this year?



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