Access and Video Games

With games I tend to play over and over again, I start to make quicksheets or lists of common things in the game.  Sometimes its collectables, unlockables, quests, or a weapon/armor upgrade.  I started just using Microsoft Word for these and then switched to Microsoft Excel once I became more familiar with it.  Lately in school I’ve been learning Microsoft Access and so I have been converting the quicksheets and lists into Access.  This is still a new project and I’ve only started with Diablo (1-3), the Mass Effect trilogy, and Skyrim.

Some of the things I include in the Diablo database is set items by game, legendary power extraction from using Kanai’s Cube, and runes and runewords.  In the Mass Effect database, I’m including planets and what can be found on them, unlockables, crew, and weapon/armor/ship upgrades.  Skyrim is the biggest database so far due to that is currently the game I’ve been playing the most.  So far I have added books (skill, spell, and misc), shouts, alchemy ingredients, and treasure maps.  I plan to add more to all 3 databases and start on other databases like one for the Dark Cloud games.

Why even make these databases in Access if you already have the information in Word and Excel?  One reason is that it combines all the Word and Excel documents into one item instead of having to have multiple windows open.  Another is I can make queries to show only the items/quests not yet completed or collected on that playthrough.  For example in the Skyrim I have check boxes under different character names, so it’s easy to keep track of which character has what.  I can have forms to make inputting new data easier and I can make reports from the data.  It’s also easier to share one item instead of multiple items if I want to give a copy of it to a friend that plays the game.

Overall I really like being able to have all my quicksheets and lists in one database instead of multiple documents.  It looks nicer, makes things easier, and clears up space on my hard drives.


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