Game Backlog

As I was inventorying my games that I own physically as oppose to digitally, I came across a few that I haven’t even played yet.  That got me thinking about the back log of games that I own, a lot of which are digitally owned games.  The backlog only includes games that I haven’t played, not games I’ve yet to finish.

First up is the back log of physical games.  The majority of my backlog is games that were given to me either from combining my brother and mine games or gifts from friends.  Even so the amount of backlog is less than 20 games with only 1 of them that I bought.  Next will be the backlog of digital games.

My backlog of digital games falls into 2 categories: free games and games on sale.  The free games include the PS Plus games and other free games.  I am aware that PS Plus does cost $60, but that is to play online and I consider the games every month a bonus.  There are a lot of games that fall into this category.  It’s hard to pass up a free game.

The digital games on sale mainly come from Humble Bundle with a few from Steam.  These tend to be due to really wanting one game in a particular bundle that Humble Bundle is offering.  I get that game and then end up 4 to 7 more games going to the backlog pile.  Sometimes it’s just a really nice sale on Steam or one of the other various digital stores.  It’s hard to pass up on some of those offers.  Finding time to play all the games becomes a challenge and some end up adding to the pile.

So do you have a game backlog?  If so do you have plan to whittle the backlog down?


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