Unsupported Games


There comes a time when a video game may no longer be supported by its maker.  Normally this doesn’t affect people playing the game in a big way.  There may be little things like small known bugs or glitches still in the game that will not be getting fixed, but for the most part you still get to play the game without any problems.  It could also effect whether you can still play multiplayer.  Some games have offline multiplayer, so you can still play with your friends, you just have to be in the same room.  Then there are games that become completely unplayable once they are no longer supported. 


The reason I started thinking about unsupported games is because I was going through my games and putting them in a database, so I would have an inventory of them and now it’ll be easier to add any new games that I get.  During this process, I came across a few games that fit in both of the afore mentioned categories.  I’m only going to talk about one game from each category: Hellgate London and Lego Universe.


First up is Hellgate London, which falls into ‘you can still play it’ category.  When it first came out it had single player and multiplayer modes.  The single player was played offline in which you just played the story mode.  The multiplayer was played online, and you basically still played through the story but you could play with friends.  The multiplayer also included a few other things, such as achievements.  I don’t remember if the game called them achievements or not.  In fact I had gotten farther in the story in multiplayer than I had in single player.       


Then came the day when it was announced that online play would no longer be supported.  Yes technically it was still supported in one country but I don’t remember which country anymore, but I could never get it to work.  I tried a few different times, and now I think it is completely shut down (I could be wrong about that though).  The good news is that at least you could still play the single player game since it is offline.  I still enjoy the game very much and I wished that more games would have been able to be made.  In fact I have recently deleted my single player characters to get a fresh start with it, and maybe make a few game paly videos.


That brings us to Lego Universe.  Ah Lego Universe, I had so much fun playing you, more so than any other mmo that I played.  Lego Universe was a bright, colorful, fun little mmo when it came out.  It also played on Macs as well as PCs.  You made a Lego figure as your character in which you were tasked to save imagination from the Maelstorm.  Instead of classes it had factions, you could only be a part of one faction.  You had the main quest line and side quests.  You could also build things (it being a Lego game) and was just really a lot of fun to play.  Sadly the servers to Lego Universe were shut down in January of 2012.  Unlike Hellgate London though, there was no offline single player mode, so once it was no longer supported and the servers shut down, Lego Universe became a dead game.


While I understand why games become unsupported, whether due to financial reasons or due to age, it always saddens me.  At least with games like Hellgate London, you can still play them in one form.  What do you think about unsupported games and do you have any that you play or used to play?



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