October is Over


October was a really busy month for us. It seemed to go by in a blur, even work seemed a little more hectic than usual.  Probably because we try to avoid having busy months. We just want to stay home, we’re boring like that. Really, we have everything we need right here so why would we want to go anywhere?

We spent a weekend with J and C (we do like to go there) and enjoyed the quiet of being in the country. We, of course, had good food and wine while we were there. We painted pumpkins and J and C made some Halloween lanterns. It was a little hard to leave and come back home.

We went to an archeology fair twice. Okay, the first time was because we went on the wrong weekend but we figured it out and found it the following weekend. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we enjoyed learning things at all of the different booths.  H enjoyed throwing spears (or whatever they were called). We learned that there is an annual field school nearby so we are thinking about doing that next year.

We ended the month with early voting and only had to wait in line for one hour. I expected a little drama because it has been such a strange year politically but everyone seemed calm and normal (and maybe hungry looking at all the food, it was at a grocery store).   I guess if I wanted to stage a big scene, a grocery store wouldn’t be my first choice of location. We chose to vote at a local grocery store because we love food even when we are voting

Now we are just waiting for trick or treaters. Last year we only had two and they were brother and sister so I am not really expecting large groups of spooky children. I did worry we might have a scary clown or two but no one has knocked on our door. Disappointing.  Is it a coincidence that we have had this odd political year at the same time that we have had scary clown sightings?


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  1. Cody B. says:

    I’ve never heard of voting at the grocery store, sounds nice. Wish we had early voting here in Virginia, it took me about 35 to 45 mins to vote.


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