We visited J and his family last weekend and they have farm fresh eggs. It was fun to see the chickens and know that they were treated well and would give healthy beautiful eggs. J and C cooked a wonderful breakfast of egg and hatch chili bacon tacos while we were there and the good food and good company started the day in a really special way.

We left with a big carton of eggs and I couldn’t wait to get them home. They were so beautiful and I wish I had taken a picture of them but apparently I had to cook and eat them immediately. They were all different colors, beige, brown, toast, and some of them were a pale bluish color. I made scrambled eggs, a mini quiche, my favorite breakfast scramble, and egg tostados. The eggs tasted so much better than the ones I purchase at the store and I need to look around and find some farm fresh eggs around here. Sadly J lives too far away to pick some up every weekend. I do wish I had baked something with them but that’s an idea and excuse for another visit.


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