Character Sheets

Have you ever found yourself just creating character sheets?  I tend to make random character sheets for Dungeons and Dragons a lot.  I stick to editions 3.5, fourth, and Pathfinder. Pathfinder is a part of D&D, but is published by Paizo instead of Wizards of the Coast.  I find 3.5 to be more challenging than fourth and Pathfinder, but fourth is great to start new people into D&D.

I used to make a character sheet by picking the race and the class I wanted at that time.  I still do that for my Myzt characters.  Myzt is the character I always start with when we get a new campaign going, each campaign means Myzt becomes the next one in the line like Myzt the III or Myzt the IV and so on.  I tried to match the other characters names with what race they were.  I do still do that with the naming scheme for the most part.

I am now just randomly making character sheets (except for Myzt).  Instead of choosing whatever race and class I feel like at the time, I actually use my die.  I count up how many races there are and use a dice to pick the race.  For example, if I’m just using Player Handbook 1 from fourth edition I would use my d8 to pick the race.  I repeat the same steps for the class.  Sometimes I use more than just PHB1, in which you just keep counting, then use the appropriate dice.

Using the different die to create characters has made it more challenging and interesting.  I keep the character sheets in a binder or on a portable hard drive.  I’ve always had extra character sheets made.  It makes it a quicker process to get a new character going if your original one ends up dying during the campaign.  It’s also nice to have them made in case you are the dm/gm (dungeon master/game master) and need a character in a hurry.

Do you play any pen and paper or table top games that requires character sheets, and if so do you make multiple sheets or just one?


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