B.o.B. Never Learns

bobtopB.o.B. has been living with us for a long time now and I am glad we found him. We have had a lot of fun together and have many B.o.B. stories to tell. Having said that, I wish B.o.B. would be a little more discriminate with who he tries to befriend. There was that time that we had a little adventure at a local store with the Turkey cutout. It was quite embarrassing with employee’s coming out of the store asking me if they could help me. And the time we tried to take a photo near a giant cactus. That was pretty scary and I am glad B.o.B. is still with us today.

B.o.B. wants to make friends with everyone. He hasn’t yet learned that not everyone is as friendly as he is. He met this cow (or maybe it’s a bull) on a miniature golf course and of course got too close and then tried to go for a ride. Well you can look at the pictures above to see what happened. If you take him anywhere you have to keep a close eye on him and be ready for anything.  It’s just like having a little kid with you. You wonder what or who he will try to get to know next. With B.o.B., you never know what is ahead or around the next corner.


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