Pokémon Go

Ok yes I know Pokémon Go has been out for a while now, and yes I know it has taken a hit on the number of people still playing, but I finally have a phone that is capable of using it.  Granted I did download the app on my old phone I had and set up my account, but that was all I was able to do.  I’m going to start off and say that my experience with Pokémon games is very limited.  In fact I have played about 10 minutes of a Gameboy Color Pokémon game and the only reason I own one on the GameCube is because it came with the system.  I believe before Pokémon Go my total playing time with a Pokémon game was 20 minutes (that’s at most).

Now that we all know my experience level with Pokémon, we can continue with my experience with Pokémon Go.  I have gone on one walk so far with it open.  I have also looked up things about it online since I have no idea what I’m doing.  During this walk I encountered several PokéStops and had quite a few Pokémon show up on the Pokémon Sightings in the bottom.  I also managed to capture some Pokémon (5) while I was out.

 It took me a while, but I think I finally got the hang of capturing Pokémon by the time I was done.  PokéStops are pretty easy to understand.  You go to one and spin its circle icon to get the experience points and Poké Balls.  I’m not at a high enough level (only level 3) to use any of the gyms at the moment or to even pick a team.  I also still don’t know if the Pokémon simply appear or if I have to tap the screen to make them appear.  I am very much a noob when it comes to Pokémon Go.

Overall it was an interesting experience.  It does make walks more interesting.  I can see it being really fun to use with a group.  It could add an extra feature on scavenger hunts.  Maybe bonus points for Pokémon captured while on the hunt for the items.  I can see the appeal, especially if you like Pokémon.


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