Friday Nights

V does most of the cooking here, but I’m in charge of Friday Night’s dinner.  So far the only recurring choice since this was implemented has been waffles.  I make some really good waffles and it’s easy to make different kinds of waffles.  I’m using Friday nights to try to cook things I normally don’t cook, essentially anything other than waffles and desserts. 

 One of the things I’ve cooked so far is chili.  I love Frito pies or chili and wienies, but had just been using the caned chili you buy at the store.  V had made a couple of different chili recipes, one of which used sweet potatoes.  We decided we needed a chili recipe for ourselves, or at least one I was willing to try.  The one that we use now is a fairly simple recipe.


1 pound of ground meat                                                                   2 pounds of ground meat                      ¾ tablespoon of chili powder                                                           1 ½ tablespoon of chili powder             1 tablespoon of garlic                                                                       2 tablespoons of garlic                          1 teaspoon of cumin                                                                         2 teaspoons of cumin                             ½ teaspoon of salt                                                                            1 teaspoon of salt                                   3 ounces of tomato paste                                                                  6 ounces of tomato paste                       7 ½ ounces of tomato sauce                                                             15 ounces of tomato sauce

First you brown the ground meat (we like to use sirloin) in a skillet with the spices that are used.  This is basically just to insure that the meat is going to be fully cooked once everything is done.  Once the meat is brown, you add everything into a crock pot.  I like to put the tomato paste and sauce in the crock pot first and then the meat.  Sometimes you may need to add a little water.  Turn the crock pot on and wait for 3 hours.  You now have a pot of chili.


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