The Root Beer Garden

We’re growing a crop of root beer! Not really, we didn’t have anywhere to put the bottles so we put them in an empty flower box. H and I love root beer and enjoy trying new ones. Wherever we go (gas stations and candy stores in malls are the best) we always look for any odd brands of root beer. We gather a few together and then every now and then we try one. Last month we tried one from Australia. You know how when you try something new you know immediately whether you like it or not? Unfortunately, we did not like it. It was so sour…………….it might have been sweet but I couldn’t get over the sour tang when I put it in my mouth to find out.  This month we tried Stewart’s root beer and it was really good, not too sweet and at the end it tasted a bit like a crème soda. Do you have a favorite root beer?


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