Socially: Nintendo vs the Other Guys

I enjoy playing video games.  It’s my main hobby.  While trying to decide whether to get a Wii U or Xbox One first, it started me thinking about the games I play on each console.  I firmly believe that the “best” console strictly depends on a person’s playing habits.  I’m mostly an anti-social gamer.  Majority of my games are single-player games. Of those games, RPGs and action-adventures dominate the titles while FPS (first person shooter) have the least number.  PlayStation has always had the best consoles for me.

That being said, I started out playing on the original Nintendo (NES), it’s still hooked up today.  The majority of my friends compare Sony and Microsoft, but rarely does Nintendo come up.  I found that strange since when we get together in person, it’s the various Nintendo consoles that we play games on 90% of the time.  The games we play are the variations of Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, generally from the N64 to Wii U.

Does this mean that Nintendo is the best console for socializing in real life?  The key to answering this for me is the phrase “in real life”.  Obviously you can hang out with people online through MMOs, PSN, and Xbox Live.  It’s especially easy now with the different streaming options that Twitch and YouTube have available.  I’m talking about getting together where you can physically touch the person.

Going on my personal experience, I would have to say that when it comes to real life socializing, Nintendo does indeed beat the other consoles.  The most played game series that we play is Super Smash Bros. with Mario Kart being the second most played.  The only other game that my friends and I have played a good amount while hanging out has been Rock Band (played on Xbox 360), which is also available on the Wii.

What games do you and your friends play when hanging out in real life?  Which console do you use the most?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Super Smash Brothers is definitely my favorite game for friend play. I can’t say which one I like the best so I will just go with the original N64 version for nostalgia. My cousin and I spent many many many hours playing that game growing up.

    Also, you didn’t mention handheld systems or computers, but for some reason I’ve always preferred to play solo games (like RPG or Strategy) on a handheld system, multiplayer games (like fighting or racing) on consoles and FPS games on computers. Not sure why I prefer that first one.


    1. I was mainly thinking of the consoles and not the PC when writing this. In my mind I just lumped the handhelds into the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony categories. Most on my multiplayer games, I play on PC. Handhelds are great and I also tend to use them for RPGS or Minecraft. As far as FPS, the few I play are always on consoles. Sorry for the late response, I did mean to respond a lot sooner. H


  2. Cody B. says:

    Anonymous at 12:11 was me


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