Lootcrate Shirts

I was going through my shirts and realized I have quite a few from my Loot Crate or Lootgaming boxes.  I have a year and 3 months’ worth of Loot Crates (January 2015-March 2015) before I switched exclusively to Lootgaming.  In those 15 months I received 10 shirts in the crates (so far every Lootgaming crate has had a shirt).  The shirts alone have justified the price of the crate in my opinion.

I always worry about the sizes when it comes to clothes, especially shirts.  For the most part it’s not a noticeable or big difference in what one company considers small/medium/large to another, but there are times when it’s vastly different.  I haven’t had that issue with the shirts that come in the crates.  They all have fit very nicely and are extremely comfortable to wear.  I have also enjoyed the designs that have been on the shirts and how they fit with the theme of that month’s crate.  My most worn from Loot Crate is the D&D shirt from the April 2015 crate and my favorite is the Bill & Ted shirt from the October 2015 crate.  I’m waiting until a year passes before I choose my favorite from Lootgaming.


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  1. Cody says:

    So that’s how B.o.b pays the rent, modeling. The December 2015 shirt seems to match his personality best. Although the January 2016 shirt really complements his skin.

    If only we could all be as handsome as B.o.b.


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