Thoughts on Achievements/Trophies

It’s pretty much a given that video games are going to have achievements or trophies, at least with PlayStation and Xbox, and to some extent PC.  Add in the cross play that Microsoft is introducing, it’s seems to be a safe bet that they will become the norm in PC games, if they didn’t already have them.

I’ll be honest with you; I hated achievements when I was first introduced to them on the 360.  Trophies didn’t bother me since they were small in the top of the screen, but my first experience with achievements was during a battle and the achievement popped up in the middle of my screen blocking a good chunk of my view in which I died before it went away.

Needless to say, that was not a good introduction to achievements.  Since then they have gotten much less annoying, they are now smaller and at the bottom of the screen.  Achievements and trophies have even grown on me.  That’s not to say that I have to 100% every game I own or even go achievement/trophy hunting.  I especially ignore the achievements and trophies that I have to do online or co-op; if the opportunity arrives for me to get them, then sure I’ll get them, but I don’t play console games online a lot or hardly ever.  I do have a few games I would like to 100% though.

I will say I enjoy trophies more than Xbox achievements, but my favorite is PC achievements.  The reason why I enjoy PC achievements is because sometimes it actually gives your character in game items.  It can range from experience to gear.  I do know that there are now some Xbox games that give avatar items.

That being said, what is your opinion on achievements/trophies?  Do you have to get them all, or can you skip some?


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