Pictures of Food

Do you take pictures of your food? Our family loves food………buying it, growing, it, cooking it, talking about it. And yes, we take pictures of our food to share with each other. We usually send pictures back and forth on a weekly basis. J and C shared a photo of something they cooked last week. It was nachos with tomatoes from the garden, mini tacos, and blue margaritas. I have no idea what a blue margarita is, I will have to ask. Whenever they come to visit I love planning what food I will buy and cook. I guess we are a pretty weird family. We like grocery stores too.

I like to spend Sunday afternoons on food blogs just looking at all of the beautiful pictures of food. Reading cookbooks is a pretty enjoyable way to spend an evening even if I don’t actually cook anything. Of course, food shows on TV are fun too. All of this writing about food has made me hungry; I have to go find something to eat.


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