Game Series

So I was looking through my games trying to find what to play when I realize there really are quite a bit of series in video games.  That also got me thinking about how there are times when I want a game that is about to be released, but I haven’t played its prequels; which usually causes me to skip the new game until I can play its prequels.

Instead of playing a game, I end up looking at the different series of games I own.  I found that 99% of the games that are part of a series, I have started from the first one.  The exceptions in my collection seem to be Fallout, Final Fantasy, and Tony Hawk (Pro Skater and Underground).  Out of the games where I started at the first one, I have beaten the first game before moving onto the second.

Do you start at the first game in a series?  If so, do you have to beat the game before moving to the next?


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