B.o.B.’s Fourth of July Adventure

BobFruitB.o.B. started his day with the difficult choice of what to have for breakfast.  He decided the best way to do choose is to do a little bit of recon on the kitchen. He was real interested in what the nectarines were plotting.

BobEagleAfterwards he felt a walk was in order.  There were always interesting and new sights to see.  And lo and behold, there was a giant eagle clutching what looked like a ball.  Perhaps he might want to play.  Sadly the giant eagle was just interested in clutching the ball so B.o.B. just had a picture taken to show to Jesse, Sally, and Doug.  They wouldn’t believe how big the eagle was without proof!

BobCowOnce he was done with posing with the anti-social eagle, or perhaps he was a guarding eagle?, he continued his trek.  Not long after he saw another marvelous sight, a multi colored cow.  Oh how delighted he was.  He quickly rushed over to greet the cow.  After the greeting, they spent some time swapping stories of the different experiences they have had so far and telling jokes.  Eventually B.o.B. had to bid farewell from his new bovine friend and get home for dinner.

BobdinnerDinner was so good.  He started off with some bbq pork that had been cooking in the crockpot all day and made a sandwich using a nice soft bolillo roll.  He added some lightly salted potato chips to it.  To finish it off, he had a fudge popsicle made from chocolate cashew milk.Bobpc Yum!

Finishing off the day, B.o.B. decided to relax with some computer time.  He checked on what was happening in outer space since it had been a awhile since he checked out his home area.  It was a good day, but now it’s time for him to concentrate back onto the games.



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  1. Cody B. says:

    It looks like Willie Nelson has been feeding his cows the “organic” grass again. I’m glad B.o.b had a special 4th of July!


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