Spice Club Recipe: Sausage Potato Kale Soup

Now that we have moved and (mostly) unpacked, I thought I would catch up on my spice club recipes. So every Friday I make one of the recipes using the spices that came with the recipe card. The first time I make the recipe I usually follow it exactly. Then after I have finished eating…

Video Games as Incentives

I think video games are great with a lot of variety. They’re fun, relaxing, entertaining, educational, exhausting, and more. Sometimes I use them as incentives to get things done. There are many different things that playing time can be used as a reward. One thing is school. School includes three different areas: homework, projects, studying….


H and I have been a little under the weather.  We have been indisposed, not feeling well, ill, run down, less than fabulous, and a little out of sorts. Yes, all of the above. I’m not sure what it is but it just seems to linger.  Just when I think maybe I should go to…


In the summer I like to eat a lot of snack type foods: fries, nuggets, corndogs, etc. I use to cook them in a deep fryer, but this summer we bought an airfryer. I haven’t experimented with the airfryer as much as I have wanted to this summer, but I have tested a few things….


I love meatloaf but sometimes when I make it, the texture is a little gummy which I don’t love. Whenever I make turkey burgers I mix carrots into the meat to make it moist so I wondered if I could do this with meatloaf. I made a turkey meatloaf and added kale, mushrooms, and carrots….

August PlayStation Plus Games

I have a lot of backlog games that I haven’t gotten around to playing and each month I get more with my Playstation Plus membership. I have decided that I would start writing a blog post each month about one or two of the Playstation Plus games.  This month I am playing Just Cause 3…


We just made a twitter account @Games_and_Grub and a YouTube channel Games and Grub. They are both fairly new. The twitter will mainly comprise of links to blog posts as well as status updates (like if there will be a delay in posting and such) while the YouTube will have videos made for posts.  Eventually I…

Happy Tostados

Moving is so horrible. It’s not just the expense, organizing, packing, logistics, and manual labor in 100 + degree weather that I am talking about. It’s the disruption of everyday life. Where is my hairbrush? Have you seen my keys? What box are the lunch bowls packed in? Did we pay that last electric bill?…

Hellgate London-Minigame

Since the move I have been mostly playing Hellgate London. Yes it was one of the games mentioned in the Unsupported Games post, but I really do enjoy this game. A small part of this game is the minigame. The minigame is located in the bottom right next to the power sphere (Figure 1). The…


With the move coming up, we are going to take a break until it is done.  Hopefully we will be able to post again on July 15th, if not than it will be August.

Gaming and Packing

V and I are moving soon, so we have started packing up things. That includes some of my games and systems. The games were some of the first to be packed, though I do still have some unpacked. I had to decide which systems to go ahead and pack and which ones to keep out….

Almost Instant Breakfast

I was going to write about a spice that I really like on grilled chicken but I don’t seem to be very organized these days. I guess packing and getting ready to move can change your plans a bit. So let’s talk about breakfast. While I love making breakfast tacos (and buying them), I needed…